In the MYP, students learn Chinese at A or B Level.

Chinese A

Chinese A is designed for students with Chinese as their best language.

At this level, students will be expected to use Chinese not only as a tool of communication, but also a means of accessing literature.

The Chinese A course includes the study of the functional language skills, such as listening, viewing, speaking, reading and writing. It also includes the study of both classic and modern Chinese literature and a variety of genres, such as poetry, prose and fiction.

Chinese B

Chinese B enables students from a non-Chinese background to gain competence in the language. The long-term goal is to establish balanced bilingualism or multilingualism.

At this level, students are encouraged to understand and appreciate Chinese language and culture. It provides a skill base to facilitate further Chinese learning.

Proficiency in Chinese B gives students access to a broader range of input, experiences and perspectives of Chinese language and culture, and the enjoyment of being able to communicate in Chinese.

Beyond the Classroom

Language study is a cultural and social experience. At Renaissance College, students learn Chinese through a wide variety of activities, including student exchange with schools in Mainland China, field trips, local community service and participation in Chinese speaking and reading competitions.


Huiling Yu
Head of Chinese

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